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Chakradhar Goud

Founder & Director

“Annam Parabrahma Swaroopam” (Food is indeed a God’s Incarnation). The one, who feeds the people in hunger, is beyond God. When one gives value for hunger, he/she can see God in others too. Don’t Waste Food Foundation works with the same ideals.

  As we know, food wastage across cities is enormous; the leftover food can instill life in lakhs of people around the nation. People losing lives with hunger can get solution from such leftover food. Chakradhar Goud has taken the initiative of Don’t Waste Food Foundation to serve the people in hunger with the everlasting smiles.

  A tiny lamp in the form of Don’t Waste Food Foundation, that Chakradhar Goud has lit, is now finding its own way across the nation, reaching people in hunger, and serving them with leftover food collected from various individual and organizational donors.

  During yesteryears, like many youngsters, Chakradhar too had high ambitions yet grounded with social service outlook, wanted to engage in Nation’s building. As he launched the not-for-profit organization “Don’t Waste Food Foundation”, many people initially discouraged him. But with uncompromising mission, he impressed many individual and organizational donors as well as volunteers.

  Chakradhar Goud firmly believes that “Access to the Food is Every Indian’s Fundamental Right”. His motto is to see that hunger is eliminated from the people by providing them leftover food. When many hands combine, and when many legs join, a tiny initiative can be transformed into a mighty movement. Thus, Don’t Waste Food Foundation also has now become one of prestigious social crusades across the nation.
  As the person who understands Agronomics, Chakradhar Goud has determined to continue the initiative Don’t Waste Food Foundation and has been spreading its services across the nation, motivating many social communities, volunteering groups and donors.

  More than the compassion, and serving nature, one needs a lion heart to sustain the service initiative like Don’t Waste Food Foundation. Chakradhar Goud is inviting many individuals, likeminded social organizations, corporate companies, and volunteers to join hands to replicate the model of Don’t Waste Food across the cities and towns.
  Volunteers who do the frontline distribution of food don’t just do monotonous food distribution, but also play the role of social counselors. Over the period of time, they interact with people, discuss the situations due to which they are leading such lives with hunger, what made them to be on streets, etc. Thus, these volunteers try to boost the morale of the people and slowly motivate them towards working for survival and in return get more dignity in society, instead of just begging or sleeping with hunger.

  Chakradhar Goud believes in empowering such people from ‘Support Seekers’ to ‘Self-sustained Individuals’. Apart from food distribution, Chakradhar also provides free medicines, conducts health checkup camps, organizes free blanket donation drives, etc. from time-to-time.

  Chakradhar Goud today firmly emphasizes that if each of responsible citizens shows service orientation, and donates leftover food; absolutely nobody will sleep with hunger. ‘All that is needed is, realizing the importance of food and understanding the value of hunger.’

Leading the way in making a difference

Our spirited team features superheroes from different walks of life; all bound together by an intense passion to contribute to this movement against hunger. Above all, we do it to fulfil our longing to serve and make a difference to someone’s lives.

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